E-Rate Questions and Answers

1) What is E-Rate?

The Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) Program provides discounts to assist eligible schools and libraries to obtain affordable internet access and telecommunications services. E-Rate funds the following service types: Data Transmission Services and/ or Internet Access, Internal Connections, Managed Internal Broadband Services, and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections. More information is available through this PDF provided by USAC.

2) How are E-Rate Bids normally posted?

When an RFP is issued for E-Rate bid, it will be posted to our front page at http://www.riponusd.net and in a local newspaper.

3) How are bids selected?

All bids received are reviewed and scored according to an E-Rate Scoring Matrix that includes the overall cost of the project, qualifications of the bidder and the quality of their submission, as well as other factors.

4) Where can I find more information about E-Rate?

Visit the Universal Service Administrative Co. Website with this link!