Non-Curricular Flyer Distribution Policies

We look forward to working with our parents, staff, and the Ripon community to help spread the word about events and activities through the distribution of informational and promotional flyers.  


The following are the Ripon USD flyer guidelines:


  1. Information/event must be educational related and adhere to Board Policy (BP 1325)

  2. All flyers must have prior approval from the Superintendent’s office

  3. The flyer must include the organization’s name, contact person, and contact details (phone number and/or e-mail address)

  4. The following disclaimer must be printed on the flyer(s):

                    “These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Ripon Unified School District”

 5.   Approved flyers will be made available in the front office of the school site(s)

 6.   After approval, the organization must provide all copies of the flyers to each school site

 7.   Please deliver flyer to the District Office or email the flyer to Susan DaBranca for the Superintendent’s review at least 2-3 weeks prior

        to the event.


In order to maintain consistency in the flyer distribution process, we ask that you please follow these guidelines.  Please feel free to contact the District Office with any questions.   


Ripon Unified School District

Kelly Gilbertson

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

209-599-2131 X1129