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In Town Bus Stops

Elementary School Students Only

Routes and Times for the 2020/2021 school year are listed below. 


Please note that Elementary Students (K-8) should arrive at bus stop 10 minutes before above estimated pick up time.

Waiting students should be visible to driver upon approach.  Bus will then stop, board waiting students,  & depart promptly.  


*Students can ride from above locations to all elementary schools unless school(s) are designated.  Bus stop before and after location is listed as follows:

B: = Bus Stop Before    A: = Bus Stop After 


The RUSD guidelines per our Administrative Regulation with regards to the distance an elementary and high school student may walk to school or the nearest bus stop are as follows:     

Grades K-3:  three-fourths mile    Grades 4-8:  one mile    Grades 9-12: two miles


Morning In Town Stops

Non-Minimum Day In Town Stops

Minimum Day In Town Stops