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In 2013, the state of California adopted a new formula for funding public education called the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).  When fully implemented, the LCFF will allocate funds based on specific student needs and will allow maximum flexibility at a local level.

As part of the LCFF, school districts must develop, adopt, and annually update a three-year plan called the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).  The LCAP is to be written and developed with feedback and input from community stakeholder groups.  Staff, parents and students will be asked to provide input on eight different components of the LCAP.


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A Brief VIDEO Overview of the LCAP/LCFF:

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COVID-19 Written Operations Report

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LCAP 2021-2022 Federal Addendum

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Title III Plan Update


LCAP 2021-2024 (English)

*To include Budget Overview & Annual Update



LCAP Goals & Actions (English)

LCAP Goals & Actions (Spanish)

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LCAP Activities Timeline*
*PAC meetings will be held at Harvest High School, room 102 (729 W. Main St.)
*DELAC meetings will be held at Ripon High School Room C2 (301 N. Acacia Ave.) 

August 2021

9  Board Meeting

September 2021 

13  Board Meeting


October 2021

11  Board Meeting 

14 Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Mtg.

16  DELAC 


November 2021 

8    Board Meeting 


December 2021

13  Board Meeting


January 2022

10  Board Meeting

13  LCAP Community Meeting 


February 2022

3    Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Mtg

4    DELAC

14    Board Meeting


March 2022

14    Board Meeting

24 Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Mtg


April 2022

11  Board Meeting


May 2022   

   Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Mtg-

      LCAP review and discussion

10  Board Meeting

13  DELAC 

June 2022


14  Board Meeting

Plans - The Local Control Accountability Plan

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