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School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB)

vehicle that is designed to carry 10 or more passengers and will be carrying a student to and/or from any school sponsored event must have a School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Certification.  The driver of the SPAB Certified vehicle also must have a School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Certification. 


If your student may ride in any vehicle that would meet the above criteria you are required to check the vehicle certification and driver certification to ensure that they are both SPAB Certified.  You need to ask these questions up front, as this should determine if you would still be utilizing the particular transportation services. 


This regulation is for the safety of the students.  It is required that all parents/guardians and/or students comply with this regulation.  We want to ensure the safety of all Ripon Unified School District students. 


If you have any questions please contact Tammy Magallanes in the Transportation Department at 209-599-2131 x1127.