Transcript Requests

This year the college admissions process will become a little easier for parents and students.

That's because Ripon High School has partnered with Parchment to handle student transcript requests electronically, with Secure TranscriptTM.

You can now order their transcripts online, with the ease and 24/7 convenience of the Web. That's how most students prefer it - and as you know, that's how they're already applying to many colleges. 

Parchment sends transcripts to receiving institutions once Ripon High approves the order and uploads the transcript records to Parchment. This usually takes from one to three business days. We notify the student, via email, as soon as their records are available to Parchment.  Parchment sends electronic transcripts immediately. Mailed transcripts are typically sent within one business day. 

Nearly two dozen state education departments and thousands of schools across the country trust Parchment to deliver accurate, timely records to any destination - electronically or in print - as Education's Trusted Intermediary. 

How do I order transcripts?

  • Log in to Parchment through the link at the bottom of this page.

  • Have a valid email address and choose a password

  • Select colleges to receive their transcripts (just the names - Parchment has the addresses)

  • Pay online - each official transcript costs $7.50 each.  For students who need unofficial transcripts, have them see Mrs. Crescini in the Counseling Office.   Unofficial transcripts are free of charge. 

After that, your registrar approves their requests online, and Parchment does the rest: Prepares official transcripts and sends them to each college, then confirms sending - and delivery, when possible - so your students know when their transcripts have reached their destinations.

Any questions?

If you or your students have questions about how  Parchment's Secure Transcript works, contact Mrs. Crescini in the Counseling Office at 209-599-2356.  You can also learn more online at, and check the FAQs in the Help section.