Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Ripon Unified School District is committed to offering the highest quality education in the San Joaquin Valley.  We provide a safe, positive, and stimulating environment where students are our first priority.  Our district has state-of-the-art facilities that exemplify pride of ownership.  Technology is cutting edge and abundant in all areas of the curriculum.  It is accessible to students and staff both at school and at home, keeping the district competitive.  We recognize that mutually beneficial relationships are essential between the district and the community.  Our children enjoy coming to school.

Our Mission

The Ripon Unified School District is committed to working together with parents and the community to provide a high-quality education.  The district will create a safe learning environment characterized by trust and respect.  We ensure that each student will be a contributing citizen in an ever-changing diverse and global society.
Linking the Lines of Learning