The Ripon Unified School District provides home-to-school bus service to rural (country) residents.  Bus service is also available to and/or from several bus stops in town for Elementary age students.  There is a fee for these services. 

If you would like your student to ride the bus, please follow these instructions to obtain a pass:

The cost to ride the bus when paying for the year is $175.00 per student, which is $1.00 per day.  This is the same whether morning, afternoon, or both.  You may pay for one semester at a time and the cost per student is $100.00.  The year maximum is $450.00 per family.  The semester maximum is $300.00 per family.  Please note that the first semester is until winter break.  And the second semester is after winter break until the last day of the current school year.

Click on the link to the Bus Pass Request Form (located under related documents).  Parent/Guardian should complete the form online.  Please print the form promptly after all information is completed (information typed on the form can not be saved)  The parent/guardian must sign and date the form once printed.  Please return the completed form to your student's school site along with the appropriate fees.  For a convenience fee, you may pay for bus service through  If you choose to do this, please print your receipt and bring it along with the form to your student's school site.  Upon confirmation from the Transportation Department, your student will be issued a bus pass from their school site.

Students renewing bus passes with NO CHANGES who rode the bus previously with a bus pass DO NOT need to complete another bus pass request form.  Please pay online or contact the office at your student's school.

Please note that ALL students must pay a $5.00 fee to have their bus pass re-issued.

If a student who is not a regular bus rider and does not have a bus pass needs to ride a route bus to and/or from school temporarily and/or due to urgent family needs, their parent/guardian must contact the student's school site.  The cost is $1.00 a day for a special rider pass.  To ensure the student is able to ride, their parent/guardian should contact the school and pay the appropriate fee 2 days prior to when the student needs to ride the bus. 

If you have any questions, please contact your student's school or the Transportation Department directly at (209) 599-2131.

Elementary School Students Only

Please note that Elementary Students (K-8) should arrive at bus stop 10 minutes before above estimated pick up time.

Waiting students should be visible to driver upon approach.  Bus will then stop, board waiting students,  & depart promptly.  
*Students can ride from above locations to all elementary schools unless school(s) are designated.  Bus stop before and after location is listed as follows:

B: = Bus Stop Before    A: = Bus Stop After 
The RUSD guidelines per our Administrative Regulation with regards to the distance an elementary and high school student may walk to school or the nearest bus stop are as follows:     

Grades K-3:  three-fourths mile    Grades 4-8:  one mile    Grades 9-12: two miles

School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB)


A vehicle that is designed to carry 10 or more passengers and will be carrying a student to and/or from any school sponsored event must have a School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Certification.  The driver of the SPAB Certified vehicle also must have a School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Certification. 

If your student may ride in any vehicle that would meet the above criteria you are required to check the vehicle certification and driver certification to ensure that they are both SPAB Certified.  You need to ask these questions up front, as this should determine if you would still be utilizing the particular transportation services. 

This regulation is for the safety of the students.  It is required that all parents/guardians and/or students comply with this regulation.  We want to ensure the safety of all Ripon Unified School District students. 

If you have any questions please contact Tammy Magallanes in the Transportation Department at 209-599-2131 ext. 1127. 



Tammy Magallanes

Transportation Supervisor

Phone: (209) 253-1988 ext. 1127