Potential 2024 Bond Measure



Ripon Unified School District is committed to providing the highest quality education in the San

Joaquin Valley in safe and modern learning environments for students and teachers. Ripon USD

covers over 50 square miles of territory and serves over 3,300 students in pre-kindergarten through

high school in seven local schools.


Aging Schools in Need of Improvements

Many local schools were built 60 to 85 years ago and need basic repairs and upgrades to protect

student safety and support quality education. Aging classrooms have leaky roofs, faulty electrical

systems, and deteriorating plumbing and restrooms. Student safety and campus security

improvements are needed, including upgrading smoke alarms, fire safety systems, safety lighting,

and fencing.


Local Funding to Repair & Upgrade Ripon USD Schools

To ensure Ripon USD schools are safe and meet modern learning standards, the Ripon USD Board

of Education is considering placing a $32 million school improvement bond measure on the

November 2024 ballot. If approved by local voters, the measure would cost taxpayers in the District

approximately $35 per $100,000 of assessed (not market) value while bonds are outstanding. This

measure would provide locally controlled funding that can only be used to repair and upgrade

Ripon USD schools, including:

● Repairing or replacing deteriorating roofs, plumbing, gas lines, sewer lines, and electrical


● Upgrading older schools to stay current with health codes, building safety codes, and

   improved access for students with disabilities

● Improving student safety and campus security systems including security fencing and

   cameras, emergency communications systems, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers

● Providing classrooms, labs, facilities, and technology needed to support high quality

   instruction in math, science, engineering, arts, and technology for the 21st century

● Replacing aging and outdated portables with permanent classrooms


Fiscal Accountability and Local Control Required

A local school facilities improvement bond measure would require strict fiscal accountability

protections, including:

● All funds would be controlled locally to repair and upgrade Ripon USD schools only and could

   not be taken away by the State

● An independent citizens’ oversight committee, mandatory annual audits, and public

   disclosure of all spending would ensure all funds are spent as voters intended 

● A project list outlining the specific use of funds would be required

● No funds could be used for administrators’ salaries

● Passage of this measure would help Ripon USD qualify for state matching funds that could

   otherwise go to improve schools in other communities


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As we prepare for the future of our local schools, we would like to hear your thoughts. If you have

questions or feedback you would like to share, please reach out to facilities2024@riponusd.net.


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